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With the help of womanizing friend Nolan Wulf, widower Vic Kimmler packs up his bags and his two...

With the help of womanizing friend Nolan Wulf, widower Vic Kimmler packs up his bags and his two little girls and hits the road to take over a stud farm on the Colorado border. What no one told him is that it's haunted, and a town full of maniacs wants him to take over where his father left off.

What they find when they arrive is a desperate beauty named Myra and her genius son Cal living on goat's milk, eating carrots, and praying for help. Vic's father's house is filled with dust, guns, ancient furniture and an unsettling presence with dripping wet hair. The town isn't much better, it's run by a tribe of elderly men who drive big cars, talk about 'hunts' and are strangely eager to make Vic's acquaintance. They don't like the well-muscled, trigger-happy Nolan, and he is suspicious as hell of all of them, including Myra. With genius Cal at his side Nolan is determined to find out just what the hell is going on, if only he can stop thinking about what Myra looks like in a dress...



Author: S. K. Epperson 
Published: 01/01/1992
Publisher: Donald I. Fine
Pages: 257



About the author

Ever resistant to type, S.K. Epperson's fiction includes experiments with voice, style and the blending of genre. Author of numerous novels, novellas and two collections of short stories. Brother Lowdown, published by St.Martin's, was nominated by HWA for Best First Novel. Other works include Green Lake, Eris Renard, Borderland, The Moons of Summer, Nightmare, The Neighborhood and many others. Novellas include The Rift, Ghost of the Rock, Dogstar Bender, Betsy Klausmeyer's Cellar, The Bear, The Crypt Thieves, Curse of the Alastor and more. Pseudonyms include S.J. Strayhorn (Black Night, published by Kensington) and Dylan Harson (Kansas Blue published by Dutton)



Book and dust cover are in very good condition with normal signs of wear. 

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